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An Autumnal retreat of ceremony, releasing grief, connecting deeply with the mystical cycles of Nature and restoring hope.

A Weekend Retreat  |  September 23-25, 2022
ARC Retreat Center, Stanchfield, Minnesota

The opportunity for this potentially life-changing event opened suddenly to what is short notice in our human world, but couldn’t be more perfect timing in Spirit world and natural time! September 23-25 is still in the window of Fall Equinox, and the Old Moon will transmute into the New Lunar Cycle in Libra by the end of the weekend. Six planets are in retrograde now, including Mercury, and Venus is said to have entered her Underworld phase. Next weekend will be an auspicious and powerful time for this kind of ceremony and teachings!


Are you experiencing grief? Maybe you carry unresolved grief from the past? If you feel this, then this retreat is for you! We are living in times of great change, loss and uncertainty, and grief is a natural result. Generally, our response to loss and grief is often wholly inadequate and potentially destructive in ways we may not be aware of. It is necessary to process grief in a way that restores balance within ourselves and in the World. Indigenous cultures offer great wisdom in these areas and offer models of ritual and ceremony that more completely processes grief to restore health, vitality and hope and advance soul growth.


Friday evening, we will deepen into the spirit and security of community support, where we’ll share teachings and stories, while expanding a sense of community out to our relatives in Nature. Saturday, after more talking circle, we’ll create a safe and powerful container, and with the help of our ancestors, we’ll engage in a West African style Grief Ritual. On Sunday, we’ll release our “canoe of Hope” into the river of Life and complete the trans-formative process with a Dakota/Lakota Sweat Lodge ceremony, followed by a feast.


All this will take place at the beautiful and sacred setting of ARC Retreat Center, Stanchfield, Minnesota. Our temporary home will be a wonderful great lodge where we’ll be cared for and fed by their dedicated and caring staff. ARC is nestled and held sacred in the embrace of the gentle power and grace of an historic grove of white pines, America’s Peace tree. 

To register, contact: Cynthia Mauleon at 

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