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Meet Jeffery

Early in life Jeffery Grundtner passionately studied astronomy, Earth sciences and the physical sciences. He was and is a lover of Earth and Sky, spending many days and nights marveling in experiencing both.


However, the science of astronomy dismisses the art of astrology outright and so Jeffery was skeptical of it. That changed when he met a woman who was trying to forewarn him about the time in our life known as the Saturn return. He read the book she gave him and was so stunned at the descriptions of dilemmas in his own life, that he became hooked on astrology and within a few years was practicing professionally and giving lectures. Jeffery's background in science gives a unique perspective to his interpretation of astrology.

Jeffery also had a near death experience at age 11, which made him an empath and a seer, and shaped his entire life. He was taught by a Native American medicine man, studied a grounded form of psychic development, and studied with gifted spiritual healers.


His astrology readings are said to be full of compassion, insight and wisdom, and are often life changing. He also has the ability to explain astrology in ordinary language and with poetic story and myth, making his talks accessible to non-astrologers, as well as those who know the topic well. 

Jeffery offers personal astrology readings, healing sessions and shamanic services. Go to the Contact page to connect with Jeffery.

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