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Preparatory Classes ~ Sundays in March: 10th, 17th, 24th at 3:30pm, 2024 ~ Roseville and Zoom

Eclipse Ceremony ~ April 8, 2024 ~ near Tamms, Illinois 

The Eclipse Ceremony  ~  April 8, 2024


The Great American Eclipse of April 8th, 2024 is a once in a lifetime event. It has a powerful energy that offers a unique opportunity for transformative ceremony, especially to invoke a renewal for the United States. I felt called by Spirit to create just such a ceremony. In advance of the actual eclipse, I also felt Spirit calling me to do geomantic ceremonies all along the eclipse path. This was an enormous task, but I just completed the last part of it on February 3rd. I have many stories to tell! 


We have placed crystals in the ground at each place, to hold energy for each ceremony. The culminating ceremony on the actual eclipse, April 8th, will ignite this entire "Dragon Star Map on the Earth!" We will hold that activating ceremony during the eclipse, in Southern Illinois, at the Awakening Eclipse Music Festival, April 4-8, at Willow Springs Campground near Tamms, Illinois. If you can't make it in person, we invite you to connect energetically from a distance -- there are no plans to stream the Illinois event.

Preparatory Classes  ~  Sundays in March, 3:30 - 5 pm

A series of three presentations and practice sessions to prepare for the April 8th Total Solar Eclipse Ceremony will be held three Sundays in March for both in-person attendees and people tuning in from a distance. We will learn the technique to integrate positive energy into Earth’s energy grid system. These processes also support our individual growth and body soul integration. Each session’s practice is in fact an activation and reinforcement of our intentions for the April 8, 2024 Great American Eclipse. 

The first class, in which we learn the technique we call “Earth Web Weaving,” is mandatory. The remaining classes will engage in the technique, as well as share additional information. Each class will be recorded. Learning the technique will allow you to "join" the Ceremony from afar. The three lessons will also feature a different aspect of the story of the Eclipse Path Ceremonial Journey and a teaching about methods to engage Earth Energy Work and other techniques.

I am expressing some of the intentions of the whole ceremonial process through a present time writing of the Preamble of the Declaration of Independence. It reads:


"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all human beings are created equal, that we are a part of the Natural World, that we are endowed by the Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are the right to a personally sovereign Life, the Liberty to be exactly who we are, the right to pursue our Fulfillment, Spiritual Development and Happiness, in an equitable economic system in Concurrence with our Responsibility to all humanity, the life of our planet, and to future generations."  

I will be attending:

Thank you! You will receive a confirmation email in a few minutes.


To register for CLASSES and/or to register for the Illinois CEREMONY, please fill out this form

 ! ! !  In order to attend the Ceremony in person, you need to sign up for campground entry. A discount is available until April 1 -- only $125 for up to 5 days of camping and music;  $150 at the gate. You can sign up for more than just the Ceremony, there will be some 20 bands playing at the festival, April 4-8. 


I have felt compelled by this opportunity to do important spiritual work to make all of these offerings, the three classes and the Ceremony itself, available on a free-will donation basis. Your donation will help defer the cost of this undertaking which included 10,000 miles of travel to the east coast and the southern border to do the preliminary earth healing ceremonies, marking those with a special array of crystals. And also for developing the classes to prepare all of us for this profound spiritual undertaking.


You can donate using Venmo @Jeffery-Grundtner or PayPal at jmgese.


Your generosity is deeply appreciated. Any amount will help!

(Classes are usually $45 each; Ceremony $125)

Here is a link to my YouTube channel where you can find videos on the Eclipse Mysteries. I will also be posting on Facebook.

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