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Preparatory Classes ~ Sundays in March: 10th, 17th, 24th at 3:30 pm ~ Roseville and Zoom
Eclipse Ceremony ~ April 8 ~ near Tamms, Illinois

The Great American Eclipse is a once in a lifetime event! It has a powerful energy that offers a great opportunity for transformative ceremony, especially for the U.S.A. I felt called by Spirit to create just such a ceremony. In advance of the actual eclipse, I also felt Spirit calling me to do Earth healing ceremonies all along the eclipse path. Please join me in sharing, activating and amplifying the culmination of this work!

A series of three preparatory classes for the Eclipse Ceremony will be offered the three consecutive Sundays starting March 10th for both in-person attendees and people tuning in from a distance. We will learn the technique to integrate positive energy into Earth’s energy grid system. Classes will be recorded so you will have access to all of them once you sign up. 


The Eclipse Ceremony, on the actual eclipse, April 8, will ignite the results of our preparation, an entire "Dragon Star Map on the Earth!" This will take place near Tamms, Illinois, at the Willow Springs Awakening Eclipse Festival, Willow Springs Campground. 


For details and to register for the Ceremony and/or classes, click the button below.


Jeffery Grundtner will help you form your connection with the natural world and your spiritual self. He provides services from alternative healing and spiritual advising to astrology and ceremonial events.

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“One session was like a year’s worth of therapy”  -- Diane, accupuncturist

Astrology helps us understand our soul path more deeply and how to navigate the life we’re living. In a session, you will discover pathways to a more fulfilling and happy life, with greater spiritual growth.

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Energy Healing

"The truly gifted healers like Jeff are able to look past the superficial levels and get at what’s really going on."

-- Jere, therapist, professor

Energy healing facilitates the integration of our own soul light into all levels of our existence, thus enabling a person to access their own healing power and ability to change their life.

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Shamanic Services

“In ceremony with Jeffery, you step into the Mystery, and you know you are part of It!”  -- Fannella, astrologer, healer, wise woman

Shamanic ceremony takes one out of ordinary reality into a safe yet expanded space in order to experience greater access to spiritual energies, the magic of natural forces and your own relationship to these mysteries.


"You couldn't find a better healer than Jeff"

In 2012, Jere was diagnosed with Group B Streptococcal Sepsis. As his strep infection worsened, it began paralyzing him and shutting down his kidneys and liver. He spent weeks in the hospital as he was fighting for his life and physical wellbeing.


"The thing I love most about energy sessions with Jeff is the sense of peace and tranquility, the sense of being connected with my soul. Today it was my heart chakra that felt so heavy when I first came and by the end of the session it felt open and light. He helps with any sense of fear or trepidation or of being stuck. Our lives are so busy, it's important to have a space and time to connect with myself and find the true love and light that each of us holds within."

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